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We offer superior custom laser and mechanical engraving services
3D print and specially designed products

Laser engraving and computerized mechanics engraving allow very accurate reproduction of the desired graphics in various hard materials.

It is a process by which various materials can be cut with an extreme accuracy of 0.02mm using a laser beam.

It is the only method that provides long lasting and high quality metal marking.

3D print services using FDM technology, with your graphics.

Choose the product by category

Here are some examples of products made over the years,

ordered by some of the most popular categories.
For each category you can choose the desired material from a diverse range.

Personalized gifts for loved ones …

Depending on the occasion, you will always find a suitable gift that we can engrave with text, graphics or photography. We can also make special, unique products that turn any gift into a special surprise.

fit for any kind of anniversary moment:

custom engraving in wood

The best way to promote your business is a personalized gift that is memorable for partners and customers.

Rings, pendants, bracelets, brooches, watches …

Anything can be engraved! With text, images, monograms …

engraved monogram on shirt cufflinks

It is the process of engraving some images, laser or diamond, on various materials and products.

Photoengraving on a gold-plated pendant

For promotional items made of leather, wood, cork, ABS laserable, glass, plexiglass, metal promotional items, etc. we offer personalization by engraving / photoengraving and laser CO2 marking. We can also customize cylindrical surfaces with a diameter of up to 10cm.

engraving promotional materials

Industrial signage, branding irons with brass head for hot marking, punches, foil stamping, etc.

Signage (front desk, room, stairway, directory, smoking..), badges, key rings, menu covers, glasses and bottles, trays, tableware…

engraving leather branding

For large or small businesses, for your house or apartment, indoors or outdoors, wherever you need to signal something.

engraving for house signage

unique, custom made in a wide range of materials,

according to your wishes and the specifics of the event.

engraving plaques and diplomas

For a unique wedding we can customize wedding rings, glasses, gifts for guests, godparents or parents; or we can make unique invitations, testimonies, cake toppers, etc.

We make engraved plaques from materials that are resistant to the outside environment, with text, various graphic elements and photographs. We offer a 99-year guarantee.

engraving for funeral plaque

Other areas where we can help you: packaging, weapons, auto-moto, decorations, hobby, leather goods, sports, textiles, etc.

weapon engraving
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We invite you to choose from a wide range of materials

that can be used for engraving, cropping and marking.

Results speak for themselves

In over 11 years of activity, we are happy to have fulfilled

the expectations of a large number of customers and to have produced together

unique products, worked with care and attention.

We intend to continue the tradition in the years to come, and Gravez.ro to become the friend

you call first when you need to customize your products.


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years of activity

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In every personalized product at Gravez.ro we have as the main ingredients

passion and dedication. We are pleased to be at your disposal at any time

to offer you the best solutions for personalization of the desired product.

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