Sponsorship has sponsored along the time a number of contests and events by creating trophees and awards for the participants. If you would like to contact us for the sponsorship of a contest/event, you can find the contact details on the contact page.

Craciun cu Zambete 2010 Craciun cu Zambete 2010 Craciun cu Zambete - project for teachers and students of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, "Gh. T. Popa, meant to sensitize the audience to raise funds for disadvantaged people. Beneficiaries: elders from the Sculeni asylum in Iasi (40 elders).

Tram And Train Model Fest 2010 Tram And Train Model Fest - 17-24 decembrie 2010, ERA Shopping Park

Balul Bobocilor Mihail Kogalniceanu 2010 Balul Bobocilor Universitatea "Mihail Kogalniceanu" Iasi - Cabaret in stilul anilor '20

Award plaques Expo & Burn - Second edition Iasi 2010 Medals for Expo & Burn - Second Edition Iasi 2010 Expo & Burn - Second Edition Iasi 2010 Expo & Burn - Second Edition Iasi 2010 Sponsorship of the Expo & Burn event - Second edition Iasi 2010

Plexiglass plaques - Iasi International Film FestivalSponsorship of the Iasi International Film Festival, 2010 edition

Iasi Rally 2010 Iasi Rally 2010Dunlop National Rally Championship 2010 - Iasi Rally

Plexiglass award Green Week Plexiglass award Green WeekSponsorship of the "Green Week" contest, 2010 edition, organized by Colegiul National Iasi

Trophee and keychain for EuroArt Iasi Theatre FestivalSponsorship of the EuroArt Iasi Theatre Festival, 2010 edition
EuroArt Iasi

DigiPhoto 2009 main PartnerSponsorship of the DigiPhoto Student Photography Contest, 2009 edition.
Ziarul de ASII - may 2009