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Choose the right prize for winners, colleagues, managers or partners!
We can achieve trophies and prizes by cutting and engraving and can customize them by mechanical or laser engraving. We engrave aluminum, brass, wood, plexiglass, mirror, glass trophies, acrylic, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. Due to the wide range of existing materials, we can design and produce trophies, medals, plaques and uniquely engraved diplomas, on the specifics of the company or event.

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Metalex medal in plush map

Birthday medal on leather

Medalie aniversară pe suport piele

Engraving on school medals

medalii prescolari gravate in lemn

Ion Creanga medal engraving

Medalie aniversara Ion Creanga

Medal engraving in gold metal

medalie gravata in metalex auriu in cutie din plastic

Engraving medal in wooden box

Gravură medalie în cutie din lemn

Anniversary medal engraving on plush map

medalie aniversara gravata in metalex in mapa plusata

Engraving medal 50 years

Gravură medalie 50 ani

Awards cups Iași Cultural Trophy

Cupe Iași Cultural Trophy
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