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HoReCa – Hotels, Restaurants, Canteens
The vastness of this field can be covered in many of its elements with personalized products: from signage to hotels, hostels and restaurants, to customizing tableware, glasses, ashtrays, table numbers, and interchangeable tariff numbers. We can make covers for menu cart by engraving and cutting laser, personal badges, interior decorations (tableau, lighting, mirrors …), cake toppers, mini-bars, coasters and more. For confectioners and pastries we can make brass seals to make your brand known on our products.

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Accommodation signaling

Semnalistica ușa cazare

Signage for company doors

semnalistica metalex pentru usi companie

Laserable plaque for office on aluminum rail bracket

placa metalex pentru birou pe suport aluminiu cu sina

Signaling plate with rail and interchangeable characters for confectionery

placa semnalizare gravata in metalex cu sina si caractere interschimbabile pentru cofetarie

Signboard plate for bar / restaurant on paved wood

placa semnalizare pentru bar gravata in metalex, materiale speciale pe suport lemn

Engraved leather with business logo

Piele gravată cu logo firmă

Engraving on confectionery stamp

stampila cofetarie

laser engraving on box lid for Bucium wine

gravura laser pe capac cutie de lemn pentru vin Bucium

Engraved white badge with red paint in engraving

ecuson alb cu rosu in gravura

Engraved badges with window

ecusoane metalex cu fereastra

Wooden restaurant menu covers

coperti menu din lemn

custom cavalet in laserable material

cavalet personalizat metalex

LED business cards

white LED business card

Real estate developer door keys and numbers

brelocuri si numere pentru usa dezvoltator imobiliar

Key ring engraved coffeeshop

stamp for branding coffeeshop

stampila branding cafenea din cauciuc

Seal for confectionery, chocolate, marzipan

sigiliu ciocolata

Seal for chocolate confectionery

sigiliu cofetarie ciocolata

Restaurant / business toilet signage

Semnalistica cu gravura pentru toaleta restaurant Bosfor

Accommodation rates signage

Tarifar cazare cu șine

Menu covers and payroll

Coperți Menu și nota de plata
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