Business Anniversaries

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The anniversary of a business partner, a party in the company at the end of some years of operation, Christmas or New Year, all can be reasons to make a special gift.

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Engraving promotional gifts for companies

martisoare promotionale business pentru cadouri promotionale, 1 si 8 martie, aniversari firme

Unique gifts engraving

martisoare unicat

Key ring engraved coffeeshop

Metal buttons with engraved logo

butoni metalici cu logo gravat

Gift Zippo lighter engraved with diamond

cadou bricheta Zippo gravata cu diamant

hospitality engraved gift

DSC martisor Bucium Iasi

Glass caps for anniversary moments

capace sticla aniversare

LED business cards

white LED business card

Laser engraved natural leather covers

coperti piele naturala gravate cu laser

Diamond diamond on writing instrument

Gravura cu diamant in metal pe instrumente pentru scris, pix, stilou. Pot fi folosite ca materiale promotionale, cadouri aniversare, cadouri pentru invatatori, profesori, educatori, aniversari firme

pen engraving

gravura pixuri si stilouri in metal

engraving on company badges

Laser marking on stethoscope

marcare laser pe stetoscop

engraved glass

pahar gravat

Engraved leather with business logo

Piele gravată cu logo firmă

Laserable plaque for office on aluminum rail bracket

placa metalex pentru birou pe suport aluminiu cu sina

engraved plaque in plush box

engraved plaque on plush map

diploma A4 cu fotogravura

Prize engraved in metalex on MDF support

premiu gravat in metalex pe suport MDF

office signage laser engraved in wood

semnalistica birou gravata laser in lemn

laser engraved jubilee award in metalex

premiu jubileu gravat laser in metalex

Stick USB engraved radio logo

Stick USB gravat logo radio

Metalex Cycling Trophy

trofeu ciclism metalex

Engraving sketch Iasi Culture Palace

fotogravura laser pe pluta

Engraving for mobile phone case

gravura laser pe huse telefon
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