People’s anniversaries

Create the best customized gift

The most suitable gift for a person may be the one containing his name, or an engraving with the image of his loved ones. A business anniversary, a name day or a retirement day can become memorable when you get the right gift.

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Unique gifts engraving

martisoare unicat

Engraving and cutting spring gifts in wood

mărțișoare gravate in lemn

Diamond engraving on your pocket watch

gravura cu diamant pe ceas de buzunar

Awards cups Iași Cultural Trophy

Cupe Iași Cultural Trophy

Acrylic photogravure

fotogravura cadou de nunta in acril

Engraving medal 50 years

Gravură medalie 50 ani

Engraving medal in wooden box

Gravură medalie în cutie din lemn

Ion Creanga medal engraving

Medalie aniversara Ion Creanga

Buckthorn permanently engraved with diamond

bisturiu gravat permanent cu diamant

Gift Zippo lighter engraved with diamond

cadou bricheta Zippo gravata cu diamant

Gift cycling trophy engraved

trofeu ciclism metalex

Mechanically engraved clock cap

capac de ceas gravat mecanic

LED business cards

white LED business card

Anniversary gift engraved watch

ceas gravat cado aniversare

Laser engraved natural leather covers

coperti piele naturala gravate cu laser

Engraved wine box

cutie de vin de lemn gravata

Engraved distinction

Distincție de merit gravată

Self-adhesive metallic engraved laser sheets

foite metalizate autoadezive gravate laser

Laser engraving on leather belt strap for watch

gravura curea ceas din piele

engraving on watch

gravura ceas INOX

Diamond engraving on gold bracelet

gravura cu diamant pe bratara

Diamond diamond on writing instrument

Gravura cu diamant in metal pe instrumente pentru scris, pix, stilou. Pot fi folosite ca materiale promotionale, cadouri aniversare, cadouri pentru invatatori, profesori, educatori, aniversari firme

Diamond diamond on shabby and shaving machine

gravura cu diamant pe copr pamatuf si aparat ras

Diamond engraving on glasses frame

gravura diamant pe rama ochelari metalica

Graphic engraving on metal lighter

gravura grafica pe bricheta metalica

laser engraving on pen

gravura laser pe corp stilou

pen engraving

gravura pixuri si stilouri in metal

Silver wedding ring engraving

gravura verighete din argint

Brass padlock engraved with diamond

Lacat din alama gravat cu diamant

Laser marking on stethoscope

marcare laser pe stetoscop

engraved glass

pahar gravat

Gold pendant with mechanical photogravure

pandantiv din aur cu fotogravura mecanica

diamond engraving on rifle

gravura personalizata cu diamant pe luneta din alama/metal

engraving on natural leather footwear

personalizare si gravare incaltaminte din piele naturala

Promotional engraved ball pen with name

Marriage Anniversary Plaque

engraved plaque for godmother and godfather

placheta cerere nasi

engraved plaque on plush map

diploma A4 cu fotogravura

Engraved wood-based plate

Placheta gravata pe suport lemn

Natural leather wallet with photogravure

portofel piele naturala cu fotogravura

Support for engraved pen

suport pix gravat

Resin trophies

Metalex medal in plush map

photoengraving in wood slices

fotogravura in felie lemn

photoengraving in laserable materials

fotogravura laser cadou familie

Engraving sketch Iasi Culture Palace

fotogravura laser pe pluta

Laser foam cutting

decupare spuma si burete cu laser

Engraving for mobile phone case

gravura laser pe huse telefon
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