Industrial engraving, marking & cutting

What can we personalize in the industrial field?

We produce laser engraving, mechanical engraving and laser marking: machine masks, electric panels, operating diagrams, graduated varnishes, tanks for pumps and pumps, engraved labels, signage for industrial areas, including labor protection.

Laser, aluminum, stainless steel , alpaca, gravity plexiglass (acrylic), wood, glass, cork, corian and chopped plexiglass, wood, foam, paper / cardboard, cork, textile.

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Polyurethane foam sponge cutting

Spuma decupata laser

Stamp for equipment signboard

placa aluminiu eloxat

Masks for equipment

masca echipamente electrice

Engraved self-adhesive labels

autocolant gravat si decupat

Seal for confectionery, chocolate, marzipan

sigiliu ciocolata

piercer for jewelery

poanson bijuterii

piercer for cold beating on knife blades

poanson pentru batere la rece pe lame cutit

58HRC hardened piercer for cold leather marking

poanson calit 58HRC pentru marcare piele la rece

Poinsetters for welders

poansoane pentru sudori

Container signage plates

placi semnalistica containere din metalex

Signboard plate for collection cars

placa semnalistica Fiat vechi

Brass plate engraved and painted for CFD France

placa din alama gravata si vopsita CFD Franta

Aluminum molding for hot foil marking

marita aluminiu pentru marcae la cald folio

Series marking with diamond on aluminum plate

marcare serii cu diamant pe placa aluminiu

Laser marking and diamond engraving plate for gasoline pump

marcare laser si gravura cu diamant placa pentru pompa benzina

Marking laser stamp plate on alumark

marcare laser placa timbru pe alumark

Letcon with brass head for hot marking

letcon cu cap din alama pentru marcare la cald

EPAL EUR IPPC engraved brass heads

letcoane cu capuri din alama gravate EPAL EUR IPPC

cutting logo brass for Fiat 1928

decupare logo alama pentru Fiat 1928

Brass head for hot marking

cap din alama pentru utilaj de marcare la cald

Brass head mounted in electric letcon

cap alama montat in letcon electric

IPPC brass head with interchangeable characters

cap alama IPPC cu caractere interschimbabile

Acrylic print for marking in ceramic / clay / plasticine / soap

amprenta din acril pentru marcare in ceramic, lut, plastilina, sapun

Mask for machine control panel

masca materiale speciale pentru panou comanda utilaj
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