Funeral plaque engraving

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In order to honor the memory of the deceased, we offer a wide variety of laser engraved products: granite / marble, ceramic, brass, aluminum or metalex plates. All can be personalized with text, graphics or photo, engraved in the material and with 99-year warranty. Such commemorative plaques can also be made for houses / buildings where personalities from various fields lived.

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funerary plaque laser photoengraving

fotogravura laser placa funerara in metalex

Living and dead engraved church plates

Placi vii morti

Laser engraved funeral plates

placi funerare gravate laser in alama lacuita negru

Commemorative plaques heroes fallen into war

placi commemorative pentru eroi cazuti in razboi, gravate in metalex

Laser engraved plaque in ceramic

gravare laser in ceramica speciala

Commemorative plaque engraved with a milling cutter

Placa comemorativa de aluminiu gravata cu freza

Engraved commemorative plaque

placa funerara gravata in metalex auriu cu negru

Laser engraved cemetery plate in metallex

placa cimitir gravata laser in metalex

Laser engraving on plate commemorative in granite

gravura laser in granit

Laser engraving in granite – funerary plaque for cat

gravura laser in granit placa funerara pisica

Engraving on metallic ABS funeral plate

Placa funerara din ABS metalizat gravat

Engraving funerary plaque

placa funerara metalex auriu

Engraving memorial plate for funerary monument

placa comemorativa pentru monument funerar

Photogravure funerary plaque

placa funerara gravata cu fotografie si text

Funeral photoengraving on ceramic tile

fotogravura laser placa funerara in metalex

Original photo / photoengraving on black marble

Fotografie originala si fotogravura pe marmura neagra
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