Jewelry engraving and laser marking

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A jewelery can be worn or offered as a gift, but there is something special when it is engraved with a monogram, an important date, or a specific message for the wearer. Whether it’s a bracelet for a newborn, an 18th birthday gift, a pair of personalized wedding rings, a watch for celebration or a pair of buttons for the teacher, the engraving gives it a sentimental value besides the material.

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Gold wedding rings engraved with dacian wolf

verighete de aur alb gravate cu lup dacic

Icon engraved on gold-plated pendant

fotogravura icoana gravata pe pandant placat cu aur

gold coin photoengraved

banut de aur gravat cu fotografii

Gold wedding rings engraving

gravura verighete aur

Marking on Harley Davidson silver bracelet

Gravura pe bratara de argint Harley Davidson

Silver wedding ring engraving

gravura verighete din argint

Engraving gold buttons with AC DC logo

butoni aur gravati AC DC

Buttons with children’s face photoengraving

butoni cu fotogravura chip copil
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