Cork & Sponge

General information

The plum and the sponge can be laser-cut and cut. The sponge can only be cut to thicknesses up to 10mm, for thicker parts to overlap and / or stick thinner layers. The cut can be cut in any shape, recommended to be up to 3mm thick due to burning traces appears on the outline at higher thicknesses. As a result of the laser engraving, the black color is obtained where the laser burns the cork. On the small grain crane can also be photographed.

What types of products

can we engrave on cork or sponge?

  • All
  • 1-8 march
  • Cadouri
  • Industrial
  • photoengraving
  • signage

custom agenda with cork cover

coperta pluta gravta

hospitality engraved gift

DSC martisor Bucium Iasi

Engraving sketch Iasi Culture Palace

fotogravura laser pe pluta

Laser foam cutting

decupare spuma si burete cu laser

Polyurethane foam sponge cutting

Spuma decupata laser
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