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Engraving on plexiglass (or other acrylic plastic) involves local melting more or less, depending on the power that is set for the laser. If the power exceeds a certain value, cut / cut the material. Due to its properties, the material does not change color and makes a clean cut without burning.

What types of products

can we engrave in plastic?

  • All
  • funerary
  • Industrial
  • photoengraving
  • signage
  • stamps
  • wedding

Acrylic print for marking in ceramic / clay / plasticine / soap

amprenta din acril pentru marcare in ceramic, lut, plastilina, sapun

Secondary stamp pliers

Clește timbru sec

Wedding photography engraved in plexiglass

foto nunta gravata in plexiglass

Acrylic photogravure

fotogravura cadou de nunta in acril

Crystal photoengraving in a plush box

fotogravura in acril luminata in cant

Acrylic laser engraving for children

trofeu acril gravat laser copii

Plexiglas painted black

Fotogravura pe plexiglas vopsit negru

Acrylic Seal

sigiliu din acril pentru plastilina

Seal of brass with monogram

sigiliu alama cu monograma

Acrylic seal with photoengraving

sigiliu din acril cu bust

Trophy Cup of Romania in acryl & metalex

trofeu acril si metalex Cupa Romaniei

Trophy Union of Writers

trofeu materiale speciale si acril Uniunea Scriitorilor

Engraved Acrylic and LED Lighting

Placa de acril gravata si iluminata in cant cu LED

Business card – LED presentation

carte vizita cu LED

LED business cards

white LED business card

Engraving on metallic ABS funeral plate

Placa funerara din ABS metalizat gravat

Engraving and cutting business card with LED

carte de vizita cu LED cu gravura si decupare



Prolight acrylic with LED

fotogravura prolight acril cu LED

Prolight firm white hot LED

prolight firma LED alb cald
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