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Wood is particularly suitable for laser engraving, especially natural, untreated. By the action of the laser beam, it burns to the surface, and if it is working at a higher power, depending on its density, it can also be cut. Wood engraving and photo engraving can be done at a very high level of detail. Cutting can be done on both normal and plywood, aviation plywood or balsa wood. This makes it possible to make pieces for 3D models (three-dimensional) or to make models for hobby (modelism).

What can we engrave

in wood?

  • All
  • gifts
  • hospitality
  • photoengraving
  • Promotional
  • signage
  • trophies
  • wedding

Engraving and cutting spring gifts in wood

mărțișoare gravate in lemn

Laser cut glass box

cutie de placaj pentru sticla decupata laser

Wood shield with engraving in metalex for military unit

scut lemn cu gravura in metalex auriu pentru unitate militara

Laser photoengraving on tree trunk

Fotogravura laser pe felie trunchi copac pentru nunta

Engraving on tree trunks

felii trunchi lemn cadou nunta

engraving on badge for godmother

ecuson nasa din MDF

photogravure on wood with bride and groom

fotogravura pe lemn cu miri

badges for godparents cut and engraved

ecusoane nasi decupate si gravate

Valentine’s Day Keychains custom made from mahogany and leather

brelocuri din mahon si piele

Laser cut book cover in MDF

coperta decupata cu laser in MDF

Wooden restaurant menu covers

coperti menu din lemn

Wooden box for wedding rings

cutie din lemn lacuit pentru verighete

laser engraving on box lid for Bucium wine

gravura laser pe capac cutie de lemn pentru vin Bucium

Engraving gift for weddings

gravura tocator cadou pentru miri

Promotional engraved ball pen with name

Signboard plate for bar / restaurant on paved wood

placa semnalizare pentru bar gravata in metalex, materiale speciale pe suport lemn

office signage laser engraved in wood

semnalistica birou gravata laser in lemn

photoengraving in wood slices

fotogravura in felie lemn
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