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We produce prolight light signaling, that instantly draws attention – in any room and at any height it is positioned. These can be small in size (engraved trophies, photogravures, jewelry / watches / mobile phones) and very large (logos / company signage for indoor / outdoor, maps, orientation systems, keyboards / anniversaries and more). They can be placed on the table, suspended or with their own support system.

The advantage is the extra emphasis on the engraving or photoengraving with LED light, and low energy consumption. The colors available for LED prolight are: White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red.

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Polyurethane foam sponge cutting

Spuma decupata laser

Laser foam cutting

decupare spuma si burete cu laser

Engraving sketch Iasi Culture Palace

fotogravura laser pe pluta

Stamp for equipment signboard

placa aluminiu eloxat

Engraved self-adhesive labels

autocolant gravat si decupat

Accommodation signaling

Semnalistica ușa cazare

Engraved plate with paint in engraving

placa de semnalizare de alama gravata si umpluta cu vopsea in gravura

Signage for company doors

semnalistica metalex pentru usi companie

Art Gallery Signage

semnalistica galerie de arta gravata pe metalex in rama

office signage laser engraved in wood

semnalistica birou gravata laser in lemn

Living and dead engraved church plates

Placi vii morti

Prolight firm white hot LED

prolight firma LED alb cald

engraved honorary plaque

Placheta comemorativa de dimensiuni mari gravata in metalex 300x500mm

White engraved marble plate and black painted in engraving

Placa de marmura alba gravata si vopsita cu negru in gravura

Signaling plate with rail and interchangeable characters for confectionery

placa semnalizare gravata in metalex cu sina si caractere interschimbabile pentru cofetarie

Signboard plate for bar / restaurant on paved wood

placa semnalizare pentru bar gravata in metalex, materiale speciale pe suport lemn

Brass engraved plate for construction company

Placa de semnalizare din alama gravata pentru firma constructii

Commemorative plaque for teacher / director

Placa de comemorare profesor director in metalex



Engraving and cutting business card with LED

carte de vizita cu LED cu gravura si decupare

Engraving on marble audit accounting business

Gravura in marmura pentru placa semnalistica firma audit contabilitate

Engraving business plate 60x30cm

placa firma gravura metalex 60x30cm

Engraving on promotion badge Negruzzi College

ecuson gravat pentru promotie colegiul Negruzzi

Wall clock with thermometer

ceas de perete gravat pe metalex, materiale speciale, cu termometru

LED business cards

white LED business card

Business card – LED presentation

carte vizita cu LED

House number engraved in laserable material

engraving for house signage

Engraved Acrylic and LED Lighting

Placa de acril gravata si iluminata in cant cu LED

Container signage plates

placi semnalistica containere din metalex

Signboard plate for collection cars

placa semnalistica Fiat vechi

Restaurant / business toilet signage

Semnalistica cu gravura pentru toaleta restaurant Bosfor

Accommodation rates signage

Tarifar cazare cu șine

Menu covers and payroll

Coperți Menu și nota de plata
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