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We can customize any stamping pattern – for businesses or hobby – by offering classic handles (requiring separate ink) or self-inking. Stamping pliers can be used in notary, law firms or any company that wants to promote their brand or secure documents by this method. An invitation to a wedding or a special event will look great with this type of personalization.


Seals can be made of acrylic or brass, in any shape and with any graphic element, and can be used for melted wax (classical-breakable or synthetic-flexible); imprinting in plaster, soap or clay. For a few examples, we invite you to view the following images.

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Engraving on confectionery stamp

stampila cofetarie

Brand promotion stamp

stampila promovare brand din cauciuc

Large laser engraved stamp

stampila mare gravata laser din cauciuc

Stamp company branding

stampila branding din cauciuc

stamp for branding coffeeshop

stampila branding cafenea din cauciuc

Seal for confectionery, chocolate, marzipan

sigiliu ciocolata

Seal for chocolate confectionery

sigiliu cofetarie ciocolata

Brass seal for melted wax

sigiliu-din-alama-pentru-ceara-topita din metal pentru stampile

Seal of brass branding photographer

sigiliu din alama pentru fotograf

Acrylic seal with photoengraving

sigiliu din acril cu bust

Brass seals for beeswax – Sanctification church

sigiliu de alama pentru ceara de albine pentru sfintirea bisericii

Seal of brass with monogram

sigiliu alama cu monograma

Brass sealing branding fashion designer

Sigiliu de alama de promovare brand Anki Per Moda

Acrylic Seal

sigiliu din acril pentru plastilina

Secondary stamp pliers

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