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We can make engraving wedding rings, glasses, making wedding testimonies and invitations, rings boxes, gifts for godparents…

+ You can download a PDF catalog with the models available for engraving on wedding glasses: download catalogue.

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Laser cut keys for the wedding gifts

chei decupate laser pentru nunta

photoengraving in laserable materials

fotogravura laser cadou familie

photoengraving in wood slices

fotogravura in felie lemn

Gold wedding rings engraved with dacian wolf

verighete de aur alb gravate cu lup dacic

Prolight acrylic with LED

fotogravura prolight acril cu LED

engraved plaque for godmother and godfather

placheta cerere nasi

Marriage Anniversary Plaque

Customize bride gift sets

personalizare prin gravare tacamuri pentru cadoul mirilor

Gold pendant with bride’s photo

pandantiv aur gravat cu fotogravura miri

Signed engraved glasses

Pahare pentru nunta gravate cu semnatura miri

engraved wedding invitation on glass in a plush map

invitatie de nunta gravata pe sticla in mapa plusata

Silver wedding ring engraving

gravura verighete din argint

Engraving gift for weddings

gravura tocator cadou pentru miri

Wooden box for wedding rings

cutie din lemn lacuit pentru verighete

Engraving on champagne glasses

gravura pahar sampanie pentru nunta

badges for godparents cut and engraved

ecusoane nasi decupate si gravate

Gold wedding rings engraving

gravura verighete aur

Engraved glasses dressed in silver and gold foil

gravura pahare imbracate in foita de argint si aur

Engraving glasses Godfather & Godmother

Gravura pahare pentru nasi Godfather Godmother

photogravure on wood with bride and groom

fotogravura pe lemn cu miri

engraving on cylinder for marriage certificate

gravura cilindru pentru certificat casatorie

engraving on badge for godmother

ecuson nasa din MDF

Engraving a glass with the initials of the bride and groom and godparents

gravare pahar cu initiale miri si nasi

Engraving on tree trunks

felii trunchi lemn cadou nunta

Acrylic photogravure

fotogravura cadou de nunta in acril

Secondary stamp pliers

Clește timbru sec
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